Friday, February 27, 2015

Okay hello my name is china i am 12 years old and i like to play meez cause its very very fun but most things you don't like about it is when you get (hacked),(banned),(reported) so some people can not help it so whats the point about making rules and you know that most people do not follow them i don't follow them cause i think they are really boring and really sucks so here are tips for you 1.all you have to do is say this go in coco loco or something like that and say (free coins) or (free vip) any one of them so i hacked a lot like plenty of them and if you want more tips how to do it just  add me on meez at i_luk_betta1234 and message me in i will currently get back to you as soon as possible have a nice,wonderful,day bye i hope to see you guys next bye thanks for reading.